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Shipping & Returns (Taken from the conditions of use)

This translation is given for informational purposes only. Legally speaking, only the French version of these conditions is valid.
Article 5 - Delivery
5.1. Terms
Deliveries are made in accordance with the order confirmation issued by DISTRINEO or by direct delivery of the product to the client, or by simple notice of availability, or by delivery to a shipper or carrier.
5.2. Drop Shipping
This service is no longer available.
5.3. Delivery time
Delivery times are given for informational purposes only, and deliveries are made in the order of order arrival and subject to DISTRINEO´s supply and carrying possibilities. DISTRINEO is authorised to carry out whole or partial deliveries. Delivery delays shall lead to no penalty or compensation, nor be ground for any order cancellation or termination. Penalty clauses appearing on the client´s stationery shall not be binding upon DISTRINEO. At any rate, no delivery may be made if the client is not up to date in its duties to DISTRINEO, whatever the reason therefor.

Article 6 - Risks
The client bears all the risks upon the shipping from DISTRINEO´s warehouses. The products travel at the client´s risks, and the client shall be responsible, in the event of any damaged, missing or non compliant product, for making all necessary comments on the delivery slip and confirming its reserves by registered mail with receipt confirmation to the carrier within two days following the delivery of the goods. The client shall advise DISTRINEO simultaneously by registered mail with receipt confirmation, fax and / or e-mail. Any product for which the client has not expressed reserves shall be deemed accepted by the client and cover any defect, apparent non conformity and / or missing product.

Article 7 - Acceptance
Without prejudice to provisions to be made with the carrier, claims of apparent defects or non-conformity in the delivered product in relationship to the ordered product or shipping list, should be expressed to DISTRINEO by registered mail with receipt confirmation, fax and / or e-mail within two days of the product delivery. The client shall be responsible for providing any evidence of the existence of the defects or anomalies found. It shall give DISTRINEO any facility to acknowledge the defect or non-conformity and remedy the same. It shall refrain from acting itself or having a third party interact for that purpose. For packaged products, weights and measures shall be evidence of delivered amounts.

Article 8 - Returned products
8.1. Terms
No return of goods may be made by the client without DISTRINEO´s prior and written agreement, given by fax or e-mail. Returned goods should include a return number previously given by DISTRINEO and should be in the condition they were in upon delivery and in their original packaging. Any produce returned without such prior agreement and / or without a return number shall be kept available for the client and shall not lead to replacement nor to a credit note. Return costs shall be borne by DISTRINEO (only in the event of a delivery error) except in the case where it is found that the returned product does not meet the original statement made by the client in the return slip.
8.2. Consequences
When based on the quality and quantity check of the goods returned by the client, an apparent defect, a non-conformity or missing product is indeed acknowledged by DISTRINEO, the client may be granted, at DISTRINEO´s option, the replacement of the product or the establishment of a credit note, without the client being entitled to any compensation or the termination of the order.

Article 9 - Reservation of title
The transfer of the title to our products is suspended until the full payment of the price thereof by the client, in principal and related amounts, even if a payment time extension is granted. Any clause to the contrary, including as inserted in the general terms of purchase, shall be deemed not to exist. By formal agreement, DISTRINEO may exercise its rights under this reservation of title clause, for any of its claims, on all its products held by the client, as the same shall be deemed by contract to be the unpaid ones, and DISTRINEO may take the same back or claim the same as compensation for any unpaid invoice, without prejudice to its right to terminate current sales.

Article 10 - Warranty
10.1. Scope
DISTRINEO does not guarantee its products other than against latent defects in accordance with article 1641 of the Civil Code and on the following terms. The warranty only applies to products that have regularly become the property of the client. As the client is deemed to be a professional, a latent defect is understood as a manufacturing defect in the product making it unfit for its intended use and that cannot be detected by the client prior to use. A designing defect is not a latent defect and the client shall be deemed to have received all technical information relating to the sold products.
10.2. Exclusions
The warranty shall not apply to apparent defects. Defects and deterioration caused by natural wear, or any change, adaptation or assembling, whether abnormal or not, of the product, that is not provided for nor specified by DISTRINEO or resulting from abnormal storage and / or conservation conditions at the client, including any accident of any kind shall not be entitled to the warranty owed by DISTRINEO.
10.3. Use conditions
In order to exercise the warranty, the client should advise DISTRINEO promptly upon finding of the defect, by registered mail with receipt confirmation together with the product purchase invoice. The client is responsible for furnishing evidence of the date of such finding. Under the warranty, DISTRINEO´s only duty shall be, at its option, to change or repair the product or part found to be defective except if that compensation method is impossible or out of proportion for any reason. Actions under the warranty shall not cause the extension of the duration thereof. Possible carriage costs shall be the client´s responsibility, and the client shall be entitled to no compensation in the event of the immobilisation of the good, whatever the duration thereof, in connection with the application of the warranty